I’m here, now hold me accountable…

So here I am again.

A broken record. Saying once again for anyone reading this out there in the cyber world, the “interwebs”….  I’m back!  I’m here to resurrect my blog! Hoping like heck I don’t get lost again, forget about it, get to busy doing anything and everything else. Because for some reason I think I’m a master at multitasking. LOL!

Let’s be real for a second, anyone familiar with Professor Finbarr Calamitous from The Fairly Odd Parents –yes, I still watch cartoons and not afraid to admit it– a character who was intelligent, but had a bad habit of never finishing things?  Well, I’ve become him, that, it. I AM PROFESSOR FINBARR CALAMITOUS! I said it. I admit it. I’m yelling it from the metaphorical rooftop. Now, I am determined to fix it.

Like many of you, I start projects, blogs, businesses, hobbies (anything you can think of) and then get distracted…by life, binge watching TV Shows, pure laziness, and even a whole new project or hobby. I’ve lost focus on so many things, too many to count. When I rediscover something I’ve done, a blog I’ve started, whatever… I am LITERALLY surprised. Sometimes I don’t even remember starting it at all! Take for example this blog: I started it in 2010, so long ago. Forgot about it and came back to it a million times (or so it seems). Today out of randomness remembered I had a blog. Okay… I have a few blog and of course I’ve neglected them all!   I’m laughing at myself today and decided it’s time to change. TODAY!

So here I am again.

If anyone out  there cares to read about my randomness, my sometimes boring life, my crafting or see life from my point of view (through my photography). Let me be your entertainment. That blog that your read because you’re bored or want to laugh at something or someone (it’s cool, you can laugh at me, I’m laughing too).

Why continue blogging, if I am not going to keep up with it: I need an outlet!  I use to journal all the time. I think when I did, I was more focused. I had an outlet to express my feelings and challenges, to engage my passion of writing. Life just made sense. I am now declaring this my PUBLIC LIFE JOURNAL.  If anything else, this will help me figure out myself, reflect, express  and capture my life.

Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Kimberly. I am 27 y.o. (Yikes, scary). I am dreamer, I make a million lists of things I want to do, try. Only sometimes accomplish them. But mostly I start it and never finish. I am a “Professor Calamitous”, but I am on a path to change  and accomplish my dreams/plans.  I love crafting, taking photos, writing and reading.  I love the Oakland A’s, a die-hard fan whether they win or lose. I am a cat-lover (I like dogs too), a self-proclaimed fashionista and jewelry obsessed. I’m weird and I’m not afraid to admit, I’m different. I’m the underdog. I started out a shy person, a wallflower, a loser. Over the years, I gained confidence, but somehow lost some of it. I’m scared of taking risks. But as FDR stated: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

So here I am again.

If you read this or follow my blog, thanks! Leave a comment, say hi! I’m nice… I don’t bite.


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